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Videa Ford Probe Head On Car Accident Aftermath - Ford Probe

Head On Car Accident Aftermath - Ford Probe

This is why you were seat-belts! Story- I (The Red Ford Probe) was driving home from work. In the distance there was a Semi making a left hand turn. I determined he would be out of the way by the time I got there. When I got to the Semi it had just left my lane. At that same time the (White Dodge) turned into my lane in order to avoid the back end of the Semi. It happened so fast that I did not have time to react and never even got my foot off the gas. It ended as fast as it begin. I was trapped in my car. People where freaking out running from car to car. The firemen showed up and stuck a neck brace on me. Shortly after they cut the door off, laid me on a stretcher and sent me to the hospital where after many tests I was released with only bruises and scratches. The other driver broke his hand and was complaining about his collar-bone. It could have been much worse. Moral of this story - Seat Belts saved our life's. Secondly I recognized that this was a dangerous section of road so I was traveling 40-45 mph in a 55 mph zone to be safe. That choice also saved my life. Note my Ford Probe has a 5 star driver-side front impact rating. Pleas drive safely out there.

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