Video - GTAIV LCPD Ford Crown Vic (V4.5)(ELSv6)

Videa Ford Crown Victoria GTAIV LCPD Ford Crown Vic (V4.5)(ELSv6)

GTAIV LCPD Ford Crown Vic (V4.5)(ELSv6)

MODEL OVERVIEW - NAME: LCPD UndercoverCrown Vic (V4.5)(ELSv6) - VERSION: CVPI-V4.5UC / CVPI-v4.5UC-NR - LIGHT BAR: Deck Lights / Hide Aways / FedSig FireBeam - OTHER EQUIPMENT: Shotgun, inside police equipment, New 08 Rims, new whelen siren - EXTRA PARTS: N/A - MULTIPLE LIVERIES: Yes skin + Extra Licences Plates to match your skin/texture - OPTIMIZED FOR: FIB Buffalo / Noose - CREDITS: Bxbugs123 model by Schaefft Converted to GTA IV by Chasez Download Here

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