Video - GTA IV (TBoGT/TLaD) Cars - Ford Falcon XR8 (HD 1080p)

Videa Ford Falcon GTA IV (TBoGT/TLaD) Cars - Ford Falcon XR8 (HD 1080p)

GTA IV (TBoGT/TLaD) Cars - Ford Falcon XR8 (HD 1080p)

Hey guys! Here is a video showing the Fords Falcon XR8, a very nice car and fun to drive. In this video I use it RWD transmission to drift it. Info from page: 2007 Ford Falcon XR8 authors - original HQ model Juice Games [Juiced 2: HIN] - convert to GTA IV BubLik [GCU Modeling Team] description - high-poly body and mid-poly interior / - self-tuning tinting [,] - self-tuning body specular [] and rims specular [] - different paint types - 2 extra spoilers and 1 extra foglights - 2 versions with different rims - four-color carcols scheme - retextured interior - some improvements - more texture plate DOWNLOAD:

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