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Videa Ford Crown Victoria GTA IV 2008 Ford Crown Victoria

GTA IV 2008 Ford Crown Victoria

The brand new 2008 Ford Crown Victoria for GTA IV made for GTA IV with the new alloy hubcaps made by bxbugs123! This car features incredible level of detail and fantastic lightning system! THIS CAR IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR PUBLIC AT THE MOMENT! Do NOT ask me for it ,i will simply ignore you. ©2010 Teddy AKA slavoua Filmed with Fraps and edited with Sony Vegas Platinium 9.0 DISCLAIMER I give full credit to the artists and songs used in this video. I do not claim any of the material to be my own. Copyright holder is WMG The name of the song is: The Outfield - Your Love Topmodelz Thanks for watching and dont forget to subscribe :)

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