Video - GTA Ford Cosworth RS - Testing Total Refit

Videa Ford RS GTA Ford Cosworth RS - Testing Total Refit

GTA Ford Cosworth RS - Testing Total Refit

before i got into Operation Flashpoint modding i used to play GTA, Grand Theft Auto Vice City, i got into Modding it, moving/making locations changing cars, Tweaking settings, this video shows a Ford Escort RS Cosworth, also shows the Airwolf BETA hanger in gta at the begining then i rip my cosworth to death, NONE of this footage is speeded up nither, this is just how the car can perform in gta when you floor it, seeing is beliving, driving is frightning, take a spin with my cosworth, its shown with a few diffrent textures. This is also the same car that was used in the "gta mod lesson videos" on how to Change a GTA car and Mod the car you downloaded (was a gta instruction video i made for GTA VC DVD Rom) this video however is its 1st Test run and texture tests, shes sooooo fast, its been ripped that much theirs no stunt bonuses left in the game PMSL i can fly 50/50 but behind the wheel im elite :) push me and ill MTA all over you LOL you can now DOWNLOAD the Cosworth with my Aditional skins from HERE this is a manual install, requires img tool and will need a TXD editor to Switch skins/decals

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