Video - GT5 - Ford Ka - Nordschleife

Videa Ford KA GT5 - Ford Ka - Nordschleife

GT5 - Ford Ka - Nordschleife

The Ford Ka is back (in black), this time beating some ordinary cars such as the standard Lexus LFA and the Vette ZR1 by setting its own time on the Nurburgring Nordschleife leaderboards: 7:37.904! Of course the Ka is fully tuned (the only exception being the LSD, I used the standard one), including some nice treats like slick racing tires (sport cars use regular sports tires when setting times on the Ring), rear wing and every single engine mod possible, giving it over 220hp. In addition, the setup focuses solely in cornering speed, with an extreme camber, high downforce and short gears. The result is that this Ka is a cornering demon, and a helpless, powerless slowpoke on straights, reaching speeds as low as 250km/h at the end of Quiddelbacher-Höhe. Highly unstable on corner exits, unnecessarily hard on kerbs and lacking directional control, just the way it should be. :] I've made a few annotations during the video so you can know more about what's going on during this long, long lap. One day I'll take it to the Nordschleife in real life, be it in a Ka, in my Vectra or in any other cool car around (which means "any Mercedes"). (Music: Juno Reactor - Mona Lisa Overdrive)



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