Video - GoPro HD - - Ford GT at Road America

Videa Ford GT GoPro HD - - Ford GT at Road America

GoPro HD - - Ford GT at Road America

Sorry for the quality of the video. Road America never shows up clear when recording. This is my first race of the season with the new tire model on the Ford GT. It feels a lot better than last season, but I'm still missing the seat of the pants feel and that really hurts my braking. It was a pretty good race though. Made a mistake halfway through the race and chased 1st place the rest of the race. Had a lot of fun though. Karting season starts in about a month so be sure subscribe for more videos. I'm hoping to get some experience in my street car at my local race track this season and I plan to record those also. Also, if you want to add me as a friend on iRacing, my user name is Chad M. Smith If you join iRacing because you saw one of my videos be sure to add me as a referral, same name as above. Thanks., iracing, gopro, hd, ford, gt, road, america, simulation, racing, cockpit, logitech, g27, g25, eyefinity



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