Video - Gaydon Old Ford Day 2011

Videa Ford Corsair Gaydon Old Ford Day 2011

Gaydon Old Ford Day 2011

Old Ford day at the Motor Heritage Centre, Gaydon, UK. 24th July 2011. There were more cars outside the museum than inside. All Fords outside, and this video features those. See my other videos for what is inside the Heritage Centre. There were about 25 car clubs here celebrating 100 years of Fords in the UK. Many of the cars outside were better than those in the museum. There were also vans and tractors on display, anything made before 1985, although some other cars did seem to slip in somehow. If I'd have known I'd have asked the Powered by Ford group to bring a few cars. Here you will see Model Ts and As, Escorts, Capris, Anglias, Corsairs, Consuls, and even a Mustang, FW-60 and a Thames van. Also notice the car with the

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