Video - Fully Custom Lowrider Crown Victoria...The build pictures

Videa Ford Crown Victoria Fully Custom Lowrider Crown Victoria...The build pictures

Fully Custom Lowrider Crown Victoria...The build pictures

This is a slideshow of pictures of my car from the day I bought it until the day I sold it, after completely customizing the car and spending close to fifteen thousand dollars in the process. The car is a 2001 Ford Crown Victoria police interceptor. The car was straight from the police department when I bought it. I started right away adding limo tint and an alarm. Next i added a few different sets of rims and a huge system in the trunk. That wasnt good enough for me so next i added a full air ride system to the vehicle. The car was bagged and could do front back side to side and pancake moves. The car has a 12 gallon air tank and runs at 200 psi. The tank is filled by 4 viair 480c compressors. I also shaved all emblems and the door handles on the car. The doors now open on remote with the alarm. I added a real Nathan Airchime k3 train horn to the car as well and incorporated it into the alarm system for the loudest alarm in town. The color was changed twice on this car, first to a slightly differerent blue a

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