Video - Forza 4 Tuning Garage: [December DLC] Ford Escort RS1800

Videa Ford Escort Forza 4 Tuning Garage: [December DLC] Ford Escort RS1800

Forza 4 Tuning Garage: [December DLC] Ford Escort RS1800

Hello again!

With December rolling in, Turn 10 has dropped a brand new DLC for the Holiday season. As soon as I got my hands on some of these cars they went straight to the tuning garage, so expect to see these DLC cars in the future.

The first car featured from the IGN DLC lineup is the Ford RS1800. A rally legend with numerous WRC victories under its belt. Weighing in at under 2000 lbs. this car can easily break the realms of rallying and jump right into the winding roads of the Forza Motorsport universe.

This RS200 I4 powered Escort is a pretty sweet ride. Available in either 5 speed RWD or AWD.

Looking for a little 'show' with your go? Grab the 'Rally di Positano' inspired livery too!

Misc. Info:

Track:[Old Le Mans]

Simulation steering: ON




Transmission: MT/C

Like the car? Be sure to check out my storefront and purchase the tune/design. Search my gamertag: xXGREATxMUTAXx


Class: [A] 600

Drivetrain: F/RWD

Weight: 848kg/1869lbs.

Distribution: 54% Front

Displacement 2.3L

Horsepower: 426HP

Torque: 352LB-FT


Guns 'N' Roses : "Nightrain"

*Disclaimer: I do not own any clips or music. All clips and music belong to their respectful owners. I do not earn any money making this video. This video is for enjoyment purposes only. M'kay? Thanks

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