Video - Forza 4: Ford GT Revenge From Hell

Videa Ford GT Forza 4: Ford GT Revenge From Hell

Forza 4: Ford GT Revenge From Hell

One of the most insane rides on Forza 4 yet. This car..This Ford GT has always been the "Slow car" or the "Weak car" in every racing game I've played. It just could not keep up racing other big time cars. How this video turned up. One of my friends showed his friends some videos I've done since they don't have a xbox. I told them to pick ANY car in the game. Well out of over 500+ cars they happen to pick the Ford GT. Well even in Forza 3 I didn't really care for it. But in Forza 4 after I upgraded it. It just felt different. Like something was odd about it. It still might not be good for racing. But it can sure hell do what I planned it to do LOL...

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