Video - Formula Drift : Rise of the V8 (HD)

Videa Ford Coupé Formula Drift : Rise of the V8 (HD)

Formula Drift : Rise of the V8 (HD) asks ... Does life really go better with a V8? This video was shot over the course of two weekends in New Jersey at Formula Drift Round 4 - the Gauntlet Stadium and Club Loose's East Coast Bash. Featuring: Justin Pawlak - 2013 Falken Tire Ford Mustang RTR Vaughn Gittin - 2013 Monster Energy Falken Tire Ford Mustang Chris Forsberg - 2012 NOS Energy Drink Nissan 370Z Rhys Millen - 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Ryan Tuerck - Retaks Racing 240LS Ken Gushi - 2013 Greddy/Scion Racing Hankook FR-S Tyler McQuarrie - 2011 Mobil 1 Chevy Camaro SS Conrad Grunewald - 2010 Hankook Chevy Camaro SS Kyle Mohan - 2010 Nexen Tire Mazda RX-8 Luke Lonberger - 2005 Blu808 Chevy Corvette Mike Skudlarek - 1992 Nissan 240sx

Formula Drift, V8, Vaughn Gittin, Ford Mustang, Monster Energy, Chris Forsberg, NOS, Nissan 370Z, Rhys Millen, Hyundai Genesis, Justin Pawlak, Falken, Ryan Tuerck, Retaks, Nissan 240LS, Ken Gushi, Greddy, Hankook, Scion FR-S, Tyler mcquarrie, Mobil 1, Che



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