Video - Ford Zephyr Six - Dance Floor Boogie 44

Videa Ford Zephyr Ford Zephyr Six - Dance Floor Boogie 44

Ford Zephyr Six - Dance Floor Boogie 44

Daves Brother-inlaw Mark, drove him up to Bury in Lancashire on 6th July 2010 to collect his latest vehicle, this beautiful "MK1 Ford Zephyr Six" ....The journey back took from 4pm until 9pm at an average speed of 60mph along the M66-M62-M6-M1-M25 ....The vehicle gave 25mpg, even though they had to stop several times on the motorway hard shoulder`s to let the Zephyr cool down, and to top up with engine oil (4 pints in all) ..... 251 miles, 45ltrs of unleaded fuel used! ...... The backing track to this footage is Daves latest creation: a jump blues track titled "Dance Floor Boogie 44" copyrighted in June 2010.

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