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Ford Truck Tri-Folding Tonneau Cover

This is the coolest product out there that I found. Light weight but strong metal Tri-fold panel Tonneau Cover. I ride a bike and I hated the one panel fiberglass covers cuz it doesn't allow me to put my dirt bike in the back with the cover. With this tri-fold panel Tonneau cover, it lets me load my bike without having to take it off. Plus, my dog can ride in the bed without the hassle of taking off the cover. I'm so happy I got it. Anyway, the factory rep for the cover was introducing the cover to some people, and I thought it would be cool to have him demonstrate it for you. Enjoy the video. I got my Tonneau cover at a Ford dealership in California since I don't trust those online ones. My friend bought one online, thinking it was cheaper and the same turned out it was made out of plastic panels instead of metal like mine. The one I got is a Ford Licensed accessory and I think his was not cuz it didn't have the emblem on the top of the panel. The parts manager from the Ford dealership said he can replace/repair it if it is defective because of the Ford Warranty. So far, I have not found anything wrong it with so money well spent. So this is what I got when I purchased the product: -A Ford Licensed Accessory with a 3 yr/36000 miles warranty -Clamps on with no drilling. -3 panels, each holds up to 100 lbs per panel but when fold all the can handle 300 lbs -Securely locks in the full upright position -EPDM rubber seals that does not crack -D rings that ...

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