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Videa Ford Transit Ford Transit Custom (Transit Custom Review)

Ford Transit Custom (Transit Custom Review) Please visit us for Ford Transit Custom Leasing Offers. Ford Transit Custom Review International Van of the Year award winner, the all-new Ford Transit Custom sets the benchmark for efficiency and loadspace, increases your productivity and will make a remarkable impression on your customers. The Transit Custom achieves excellent fuel economy, thanks to fuel-saving ECOnetic technologies like Smart Regenerative Charging and Stop-Start. Its comfortable, well-built interior will make your working day easier - particularly the cab, which performs as a mobile office. Loadspace is remarkable, too. And whether you choose the Van, Kombi, Kombi Van or Double Cab-in-Van you can draw upon many sophisticated technologies, including the Ford SYNC voice control and state if the art MP3/iPod and phone connectivity system. Discover more about the Ford Transit Custom please visit



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