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Ford Transit Connect Purchase

The old Ford E-150 was in bad need of body work. At 20 years old, and the amount of work needed, it just wasn't worth it any more. The cash-for-clunkers program was winding down, so qualifying was time sensitive. I was looking into purchasing a new E-150. Come to find out, there was no mentionable increase on fuel efficiency in the 20 years mine had been on the road. I find this unacceptable, and I did not qualify for the cash-for-clunkers program. Some one said I should look into the new 2010 Ford Transit Connect. I did, and liked what I saw. It is smaller, but the benefits seem to out weigh the reduces space. I aggressively researched this new vehicle and started hunting for one. They are so new to the US (have been in Europe sense 2003) it was hard to hunt one down. Adam at Hight Ford in Skowhegan, ME was very helpful. He called dealers all over ME, NH, and MA trying to find one they where willing to transfer up here. No one was willing to give them up. So, he referred me to Mark at Whited Ford in Bangor, ME. He had one and was willing to do the cash-for-clunkers trade in. Whited Ford was friendly and accommodating. For my first new vehicle purchase, I never knew it could be so enjoyable. I highly recommend Whited Ford. mention my name, and they will put you at the top of their list. This video shows the last morning of the 1989 E-150 and pulling into the Whited Ford truck lot. The pictures are of a few days ago during my first hands on encounter with the Transit ...

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