Video - Ford Transit Central Asia Expedition - ep.7 - Bonus

Videa Ford Transit Ford Transit Central Asia Expedition - ep.7 - Bonus

Ford Transit Central Asia Expedition - ep.7 - Bonus

Seventh and the last episode of our trip from Poland to Central Asia by Ford Transit (diesel, 2,5litres). The trip took place between 7th July and 16th August 2009. We rolled on our tyres asphalt and dust from Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. The last episode is divided into four pieces: - First one deals with other cars which we encountered on our way. Mainly these are Soviet/Russian constructions. You can admire Kamazes, ZiLs, Moskviches, Zhigulis, Izhs, UAZs, GAZs, one Ural and one Volga. Besides, there are Uzbek (UzDaewoo) cars as well: Damas, Nexia, Matiz and Tico. Moreover Sinotruks (CNHTC) and Freightliners are presented; - Second one presents herds of cows, goats, sheep and other domestic animals that are in habit to cross roads from time to time ;) ; - Third one shows presidents of four Central Asian countries that we were coming through (with exception of K. Bakiyev, president of Kyrgyzstan, who on billboards puts faces of "simple people"). One may find abundance of presidents' "golden thoughts" quoted on billboards, walls or paintings along roads; - Fourth piece is devoted to different designation of word "a highway" and presents pictures of roads. It does not matter that sometimes these are dirt roads. The thing is that they cross beautiful lands and give opportunity to rave about picturesque landscapes! I hope you enjoyed these vidoes, but remember no movie could express the beauty of the Central Asia! Pack your ...

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