Video - Ford Transit Central Asia Expedition - ep.4 - Tajikistan

Videa Ford Transit Ford Transit Central Asia Expedition - ep.4 - Tajikistan

Ford Transit Central Asia Expedition - ep.4 - Tajikistan

Fourth episode of our trip from Poland to Central Asia by Ford Transit (diesel, 2,5litres). The trip took place between 7th July and 16th August 2009. We rolled on our tyres asphalt and dust from Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. The fourth episode consists basically of two scenes. The first on is road blockade due to construction works performed presently on the road from Dushanbe to Khojand by Chinese companies. We spent at this blockade 10 hours!! So you can understand why we were so happy when we finally got green light. However, the movie does not show the whole truth about our stay there. We also had some fun with locals and other tourist from Poland :) The second part presents narrow streets in the centre of Istaravshan. Next episodes present dangerous but also other very interesting aspects of travelling through Tajikistan, then Uzbekistan and the way back home. Więcej na: Photos by Radek Byczkowski, Krzychu Mularski, Kuba Sokołowicz. Music: Cunninlynguists - Beautiful Girl

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