Video - Ford Transit Central Asia Expedition - ep.3 - Tajikistan

Videa Ford Transit Ford Transit Central Asia Expedition - ep.3 - Tajikistan

Ford Transit Central Asia Expedition - ep.3 - Tajikistan

Third episode of our trip from Poland to Central Asia by Ford Transit (diesel, 2,5litres). The trip took place between 7th July and 16th August 2009. We rolled on our tyres asphalt and dust from Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. The third episode shows the way from area of Rushan through Nurek to area of Ayni. Some nice river-crossing are presented here with the biggest one during our travel! Then you can see the convoy in which presidents Emomalii Rahmon (president of Tajikistan), Dmitry Medvedev (president of Russia), Islom Karimov (president of Uzbekistan) and Nursultan Nazarbayev (president of Kazakhstan) were supposed to go. Unfortunately these escort was sent in order to mislead potential terrorists. In the final scenes the Anzob Pass on the way Dushanbe-Khojand is shown together woth the descent from the pass. Enjoy the landscape! :) One of the best I've ever seen! Next episodes present again Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and the way back home. Więcej na: Photos by Radek Byczkowski, Krzychu Mularski, Kuba Sokołowicz. Music: Fryderykata - Prelude in C minor Op. 28 No. 20

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