Video - Ford Transit Central Asia Expedition - ep.2 - Tajikistan

Videa Ford Transit Ford Transit Central Asia Expedition - ep.2 - Tajikistan

Ford Transit Central Asia Expedition - ep.2 - Tajikistan

Second episode of our trip from Poland to Central Asia by Ford Transit (diesel, 2,5litres). The trip took place between 7th July and 16th August 2009. We rolled on our tyres asphalt and dust from Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. The second episode shows pictures ad movies shot during the way from Kyrgyz-Tajik border to the point somewhere between Ishkashim and Rushan. Tajikistan definitely was the most demanding and the most rewarding part of our trip. This country is purely marvellous - especially its GBAO part: mountains, peaks, passes, hot&cold springs, fortresses, view on Afghanistan and last but not least: extra-friendly people!! That was great test for our Ford Transit, which occurred to be strong as hell and just flew over all rivers, streams, holes and so on :) Pamir Highway and Wakhan Valley rules! Enjoy the landscape! :) One of the best I've ever seen! Next episodes present again Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and the way back home. Więcej na: Photos by Radek Byczkowski, Krzychu Mularski, Kuba Sokołowicz. Music: Transglobal Underground - Rasa Bliss (Grotus)

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