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Ford Thunderbird - Great Cars

From the PBS series Great Cars. The 1955 Ford Thunderbird was meant to fulfill the desire for a sporty American car. Ford never had plans to make the T-Bird a true sports car, but it would possess the elements of a racer -- two seats, sleek styling and high performance. In two years, about 40-thousand T-Birds were sold. Hoping to appeal to more people, Ford took the Thunderbird in another direction. It became bigger and gained a backseat. It eventually was killed by Ford and then resurrected as wonderful "Retro-Future" roadster reminiscent of the original. Regardless of the T-Bird's design, it is one of the most durable names in US automotive history with cars still rolling off the assembly line bearing its name. The Ford Thunderbird continues to be a part of America's landscape. More at

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