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Ford Thunderbird 1959

Ford Thunderbirds 1959 350-horsepower, 430-cubic-inch V-8 propel the T-Bird to 60Mph in a livelier 9.9 seconds. Original Car in Teal Blue (in- and outside) Location: Belgium Europe The advertising for the year targeted women, informing them that the Thunderbird was "America's most becoming car," and beautiful models graced virtually every advertisement. The T-Bird was just the thing to take to the club, or to run around town shopping with friends. This apparently worked, the T-Bird was prominent at most social functions of the day, and chances were good you'd see more than one in the parking lot of the trendy restaurants. The Thunderbird was looked upon as something just a bit more daring than the Cadillacs, Lincolns, and Imperials of the era, and it was also a wise investment, as resale on the cars at trade in was quite good. 52 Cubic Inch Thunderbird Special V-8 (350 Horsepower) 3-Speed Manual Transmission Automatic Choke 4-Barrel Carburetor Full-Flow Oil Filtration System Dual Exhaust System Thunderbird Front Fender Ornaments Manually Adjustable Individual Front Seats Panel Console Cigarette Lighter Front and Rear Ash Trays Lifeguard Padded Instrument Panel Cushioned Sun Visors Lifeguard Deep-Center Steering Wheel with Horn Ring Dual Horns Safety-Swivel Rear View Mirror Double-Grip Door Locks Turn Signals Coat Hooks in Rear Compartment Automatic Dome Light Fully Carpeted Interior Fully Lined Luggage Compartment Safety-Twin Taillights 4 Ford Hub Caps Lockable Glove ...



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