Video - Ford Taunus 1973 700hp

Videa Ford Taunus Ford Taunus 1973 700hp

Ford Taunus 1973 700hp

RIIVO HINN's Ford Taunus 1973 Cosworth Turbo 700hp tuned by DB-HP TRANSMISSION Ford C4 automatic gearbox with transbrake Full manual valve body Ford 9-inch real axle with LSD ENGINE Ford Scorpio 2.9 Cosworth(boa) Custom JE pistons Custom Pauter rods 600x300 large front mount intercooler Custom intake manifold Turbo Holset HX40 Super 860cc injector Double BOSCH 044 pumps Arp head bolts VEMS engine management system Custom exhaust 3,5" Soundtrack: The Glitch Mob - Beyond Monday

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