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Ford T Bucket For Sale

*1923 Ford T Bucket For Sale* Yellow w/graphics and tan interior. It has an SBC 383 Stroker motor with a polished 350 turbo transmission - a 670 Blower w/2 600 cfm Holley vacuum secondary carbs. It has 16" Spindle mount front wheels, 31x18.5 Mickey Thomposn Sportmans on the rear, w/15x14 Pro-street wheels. With lots of chrome: entire front end, rear end, fire wall, drive shaft, leaf springs, backing plates & drums, disc brakes, oil pan, water pump and radiator shell. This is a basic description but with lots of extras to show and talk about. Sale price is $45000.00. I'll consider offers and/or trade possibilities. if you're interested or would like more info - email Mike: Or drop a note in my inbox here. I'm out of Kansas City, MO. but can discuss out of state shipping possibles. Thanks for watching!

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