Video - Ford Shelby GT500 MAGNUM - full black

Videa Ford Shelby Ford Shelby GT500 MAGNUM - full black

Ford Shelby GT500 MAGNUM - full black

Beautiful full-black Ford Shelby GT500 "Magnum". It has a matte black color with black rims. Quite agressive in its black robe! It's the MAGNUM model, apparently... I'm no expert on american cars, but I know there might be a possible debate here. Real or not? Plates are from California! Kind of exotic for Paris... I know the song is a little bit "out of context", somehow. But to me, it does look like one of those cars that would just ride in a carribean island, with that sort of reggae music in the background lol. A bit "gangster". ********************************************************* Follow me on Facebook : Visit my blog : ********************************************************* Music by Kevin MacLeod ( Title: "B-Roll". Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0" Enjoy! - ALEX

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