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Videa Ford TRUCK F - Ford Raptor Black Satin

Ford Raptor Black Satin

This is a 2011 Ford Raptor SVT 6.2L Mods include; - custom front & rear bumpers finished in textured black - Raptor Logos laser cut in skidplate & rear bumper - recon winch - 40" LED light in the front - 3x Red LEDs backlighting the Raptor in the front - 2x white LEDs facing the rear of the truck in the bumper - 20" Fuel Wheels with Goodyear Duratracs (I drive on ice) - Bedrug in back - Retrax Pro - Backlit SVT side logos - Craven Stubby Antenna - Exhaust Modified - Grill and Logos all Matte Black - Custom Door Graphics (Reflective Black) - Barely visible until you flash light on them, then they reflect. - Xbox Entertainment System (coming soon)

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