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Just early February, Ford decided to reveal some (but not all) "answer" from the question for what/why Ranger Max has been built for. Yes, it's a cue for first 3 Wildtrak models. Ford introduced them first before all others in lineup that they had to be unvieled sooner or later. The design is of course directly derived from Ranger Max concept. So we have totally new front end (fascia, headlamps, bumper, foglamp design plot), newer hood, newer side scoops, newer rear lamps and newer rear end plot. Nowadays new Ranger can be seen at some several Ford showrooms, even at my very home province, Khon Kaen. If not to count with its newer design and new exterior colors, then features are quite remained same. To me it's quite lame. First 3 Wildtrak models as introduced are: Open Cab 2.5 Hi-Rider (as seen on this ad), Double Cab 2.5 Hi-Rider, Double Cab 3.0 4x4 5AT. Wildtrack package featured sticker of the package, roof rack, sportsbar, rear view mirror with LED lamps, lower door sheafs, unchanged sidestep, and high-quality leather seats direct from AAT plant, Rayong. What I can also tell is, the price of new Ranger Hi-Rider 2.5 (not Wildtrak) will start at 599000THB. All still underneath the 100% Truck campaign with 4 hallmarks: Well on road holding, Toughness, Impressive-to-date performance, and also exceptional in Fuel-Saving.

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