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Ford Ranger Stuck In Snow

PLEASE please PLEASE click the "Like" button. This video has almost 3 THOUSAND views and only 14 likes. Can you please help change that?' 3/7/11 I got stuck! The video failed the 1st time I converted it. So I restarted my computer and tried again. I DID get unstuck and if it had failed a 2nd time, I would of add more footage showing me unstuck. But yeah, I got really muddy and it took me pushing and someone else driving and using straps connected to the car and using the car as an anchor so we wouldn't go back and lose progress. It took a while! And while I was spinning tires and etc, i heard other people doing the same! So I ran over to them and helped push them because they were in a much better situation than me. They were on pavement that wasn't going anywhere, and I was on grass that is now mud! lol. i try to help people because even though there is no reward, I feel rewarded seeing them go on there way and not stuck anymore. because without me, they would still be spinning tires... There was like 4 cars and 3 trucks. One truck was about as big as mine, and he realized he wasn't going anywhere once he got out of his drive way. It took a lot of shoveling snow and getting another neighbors help since it was uphill, but he got back in his parking spot. I don't recommend anyone in murfreesboro or surrounding areas going anywhere unless you live on a street that gets snow plowed. Because it's bad out there! For more videos of my 1995 2.3L Ford Ranger,

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