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Ford Ranger CAM Installation Tool

Ford Ranger CAM Installation Tool Robo Tech was called to a 2001 Ford Ranger, and a 3.0 liter engine, which had a P0 300 code. This truck had a jerk or bucking and a rough idle. The jerk or bucking happened at 3000 RPM, or during highway cruise. The repair shop thought it was a normal tune up related issue, and replaced plugs, wires, ignition coil, but still has a miss at idle. It was also showing cylinder 5 miss on the contribution test. The repair shop also checked for intake leaks, and checked EGR valve. Eventually, they also replaced cam sensor. After all this parts swapping war, the vehicle was still the same. So, it was then that decided to call me in for assistance. I immediately proceeded to do a code scan, and verify the code P0 300. Sure enough, it was there. This code was too generalized to draw any conclusions from, so, I decided to go for a road test and verify the complaint at above 3000 RPM. The engine did show a severe bucking above 3000 RPM. So, I asked myself, what would affect the engine above 3000 RPM, and there were different answers to this issue. One was an EGR valve letting in too much exhaust flow into the intake. Another was a defective MAF or mass air flow sensor not metering the air intake properly. And, yet another was an ignition related problem, either at the primary or the secondary side. I then continued my diagnosis, and performed a data stream analysis. At idle, idle I was having the fuel trims rising and decreasing, indicating a lean ...

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