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Ford Ranger 4x4 Custom Exhaust

This is my Ranger. Enjoy Vehicle: 2000 Ford Ranger XLT 4x4 4.0l V6 Aftermarket upgrades: -New ford racing heads - new ford oe Gaskets - new ford oe 4x4 extended driveshaft - Pro Comp 3' front, 2.75' rear lift kit - Incubis 17' off road wheels - Pro Comp 265/70R17, Extreme M/T Tires - K&N High-Flow Air Intake System - FIPK Gen. II fuel injection performance kit,K&N - "Warner's Mufflers", custom Off-Road Muffler - Custom off road exhaust, by Warner's muffler - Volo VP12 Performance Chip - more upgrades to come :) ill be adding more vids soon of this truck,anything else you want to know or see, just let me know. Plz Comment. Thanks



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