Video - Ford Puma 1.7 dyno 2.MP4

Videa Ford Puma Ford Puma 1.7 dyno 2.MP4

Ford Puma 1.7 dyno 2.MP4

1.7 FORD PUMA ,full piper STAINLESS steel racing puma exhaust with sport cat, vipercross forced induction,bluefin superchip, fuel pressure regulator, fast road cams from pipercams, lightweight verny, polished n ported head and inlet, all round adjustable weitek coilovers,17" dare rims rapped in perelli p zero neros,uprated brakes from a larger ford (extra 30mm). top spec clifford alarm with remote start ect (hense the anti hijacking alarm kicking in during the video).New driveshafts cv's ect, new wish bones, smoked idicators,banging pioneer sound system and decals for everyfink ive added to the car, and many more standards parts replaced but just to much to remember but it all made a minter of a car. Enjoy me vid, i enjoyed the car.

my, first, real, project, and, no hairdressers car, lmao



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