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Ford Probe GT F2T sound

Hello! This is my 91' Ford Probe GT with F2T turbocharged engine. Full free flow 2.5" ehaust was made by polish tuning specialist, probably the best in country - BartH Exhaust. Blow off valve is from Properfect. Car is running 0.7 bar on stock maps. After ECU remap with ECU Master det II piggy-back I want to go for almost 1.2 bar of boost. Thats safe for stock internals and IHI turbo ... they should last for few months. Then I'll think about bigger turbo, and forged internals ... and stronger clutch, but stock one is holding tight for now. My new tires are Federal SS-595 - they are sticky, quiet and they look gr8 - very good choice if you're talking about hi performance rubber. Boost gauge is from Auto Gauge and it have been already installed with the new exhaust system. I will make a speedo video right afet I finish my ECU remap.

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