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Ford Probe GT F2T audio system

Hello! This is my 91" Ford Probe GT. I want to show you my stereo system. Let's begin from the front ... Morel Tmpo 6 components assembled on MDF panel, in fully sound dampened doors. The head unit is an old school Alpine CDA 7832R, but still - it has got better sound quality than many other new and fancy units, even those from the highest Alpine series. Maybe it hasn't got USB, AUX, Bluetooth etc ... but for me SQ, was the thing that really matters. The whole system is powered by Kenwood KAC 943 (4x70W RMS) amplifier. In the trunk, there is a u-Dimension EL-S104 subwoofer in custom closed box. All wires are from Caliber and Sinuslive. Not to mention that the whole car is now covered with the sound dampening mats - trunk, floor, doors, sides of the rear fenders etc ... to get rid of the rattles. My profile on Cardomain (you can find some pictures from the sound dampening out there)

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