Video - Ford Probe Funny Surprise Lambo Doors

Videa Ford Probe Ford Probe Funny Surprise Lambo Doors

Ford Probe Funny Surprise Lambo Doors

Reason to be in this business with Two Contacts To Retire Learn how to retire working with two people Go to Two Contacts To Retire - Real internet income for the average person. This is the reason to be in a business like Having money is not the primary goal. The time freedom to spend with family and friends is the true meaning of "Financial Freedom". Spending quality time with your family without financial worries is the ultimate success. This video shows the surprise reaction from the car I bought my son. His smile is priceless. My wife's shock is funny when she seen the door open. I jumped through the window to make them think the doors needed work. I do not believe buying your child a new car does anything for character and of course spending quality time working on a project together builds family closeness. This project car I bought my son Anthony is a Customized 1994 Ford Probe GT that we will customize even more. The car already has been modified with the Lambo ( lamborghini ) doors, racing suspension, ( shocks, adjustable springs, slotted rotors ) Nippon 18" racing wheels, Pirelli 225 low profile tires and a cold air intake. The engine is the stock 2.5 liter V6 with the automatic transmission. The exhaust is solid single to the rear suspension and then goes to dual with two cherry bomb mufflers. When this video was shot last week there was a split at the Y pipe and that was fixed right away and it sounds pretty cool now. The hidden pop ...

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