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Ford Powerstroke

Tried to step it up with this one, Probably the best truck video iv made so far! tell me what you think! SUBSCRIBE! thanks for watching! Camera- Canon Rebel T2i Lens- 50mm 1.8f Stabilizer- Hauge MMC Dolly- Home Made Editing Software- Adobe After Effects SPECS 6.0 FORD POWERSTROKE Wheels- 22inch Rockstars Tires- 40inch Toyo M/T Tire Width- 15.50 Lift Kit- 14Inch Third coast suspension Programmer- Sct custom tunes Bed Liner- Zebra (lol) Add me on Facebook Follow me on Twitter Add Mitchell on Facebook (Owner of Truck)

houston, tibbs, powerstroke, diesels, black, smoke, lifted, 4x4, extreme, framing, hanley



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