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Videa Ford Fiesta Ford Oxygen Sensor Kills Catalytic

Ford Oxygen Sensor Kills Catalytic

Ford Oxygen Sensor Kills Catalytic Robo Tech was called to a shop with a 2004 Ford Fiesta, and a 1.4 liter Zetec engine. The vehicle had a code P0420, or Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 1). The vehicle ran fine, with no apparent issues. So, the first thing the shop did was replace the front O2 sensor. They also replaced the air filter, and decided to throw in a full tune up while they were at it. Finally, they resorted to the infamous fuel injection cleaning to correct the problem. None of these remedies took care of the issue, and they finally gave up and decided to call me in for assistance. The very first act that I did in tackling this problem was to do a graphing scan tool data stream analysis. I needed to graph the O2 sensors, to do a comparison of the signals. As a rule, the rear O2 sensor activity should be much lower than the front. As I proceeded to graph the signal, sure enough, the O2 sensor signals looked just right. The rear O2 sensor did have activity when I goosed the throttle, although much less. This was normal, so, I assumed that the issue was the converter. Before I decided to go ahead and replace the converter, I decided to go a bit further, and do a fuel delivery analysis. The converter was an expensive proposition, and I wanted to be sure. So, I pulled up the fuel trims and fuel status. The fuel trims were at plus 4% and the fuel status was in closed loop. This was a perfect reading. The ECM was controlling the mixture. So, what ...

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