Video - Ford Mustang GT500 Saleen INSANE Accelerations!

Videa Ford Shelby Ford Mustang GT500 Saleen INSANE Accelerations!

Ford Mustang GT500 Saleen INSANE Accelerations!

More INFO down below... THIS IS OUR 100th VIDEO! This Ford Mustang GT500 Saleen accelerates really fast, and burns his tires while doing that! Its a heavily tuned GT500 with an incredible loud sound! Thanks to the owner, for driving like a boss! :D Like us on FaceBook: Follow us on Twitter: Ford Mustang GT500 Saleen Shelby Cobra 302 BOSS 2011 2012 2013 twincharched burning rubber acceleration GT mach 1 eleanor roadtest Drag tuned burnout road supercar laguna seca vs racing revving start up drifting drift aftermarket exhaust ac cobra turbo backfire american Carroll Shelby tires wheelspin smoking loud sound throttle drive off powerlaunch engine dyno track testing lap stock lovely downshifts vs. burningmarks noise 360 revlimiter pedalshifters rwd full hd v8 v12 bodykit review trailer

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