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Ford Mondeo reverse light switch change.wmv

I had searched the web to find any help on locating the reverse switch. I found a forum post that said it was behind the battery but could not find any pictures. So I decided to photograph the process with my phone in a bid to help anyone who is thinking of giving it a go. It's really easy and only takes 30mins, 10mm spanner or socket to remove the battery and a 22mm spanner to remove the switch. Make sure you have the new switch before you start the job as you can't drive the car until the new one is fitted as you will lose fluid from the hole. Also make sure you order the correct switch, there are several so ring a Ford dealer and give them your cars reg to make sure. Also make sure you have the code for your car stereo as when you disconnect the battery and reconnect it the stereo asks for the code and will not work without t. If you have one touch close windows you will need to reset these also, to do this wind the window down then all the way up, release the button for a second then press the up button again and hold for a second or so, the windows will now work as one touch close again. Also to note after you reconnect the battery all the dials will reset along with the temp gauge etc, this is normal and takes a second when you first turn the ignition key. I am not responsible for any damage you may cause to yours or someone else's vehicle by following this guide or any injury caused to you or others, I am not a mechanic I am just willing to have a go at fixing my ...

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