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Ford Mondeo - Paris Motor Show 2012 - XCAR

Ford Mondeo Ford's global offensive continues at the 2012 Paris Motor Show with the all new Mondeo. The rep special's latest incarnation has taken inspiration from the Evos Concept, which was unveiled at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show. It's a touch lower than the last generation Mondeo, but otherwise keeps similar dimensions. Aside from Aston Martin-ish looks (never a bad thing), the new Mondeo is full to the brim with smart tech. Ford's 'sync' system makes its European debut and enables drivers to use 10000 voice commands to control the car's various functions. Economy isn't a stranger to the new Mondeo either - it may be massive but Ford's groundbreaking 1.0-litre, three-cylinder Ecoboost engine will be available. It boasts 123bhp and 125g/km CO2 emissions while offering pretty awesome fuel economy - company car buyers the world over will be moistening themselves to get into one. Ford's 'One Ford' global strategy means the new Mondeo will available all I've the world, so in theory you can drive your UK registered Mondeo to Russia and get it serviced. It's big, looks like an Aston and will (almost) give Mother Nature a back rub. Good work Ford.



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