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Videa Ford Mondeo Ford Mondeo mk3 instrument test mode

Ford Mondeo mk3 instrument test mode

I was testing it first time so it is a bit hasty... INFO: Gauge sweep All LCD:s are illuminated Indicator bulbs/leds ROM level (r----) (EEPROM) level (Er----) - this (eg Er0206) is often mistakenly assumed to be an error code! DTC revision level DTC. The DTCs stored will be displayed. The DTC codes will scroll through if there is more than one, or "nOnE" if there are none. Digital speed readout km/h (SP----) Averaged speed, some sort of hex reading? Engine speed rpm (TA----) Averaged tacho signal, some sort of hex reading (T60---), not very useful Odometer counter (od ---) Fuel level sensor (F ---, 010 (empty) - 254 (full)) Averaged fuel level (F60---, range as above) Fuel flow rate (FL --, hex counter) Fuel percentage? (FP --) Coolant temperature (---C) Battery voltage (bAt---) There are many other pieces of information not of interest to the end user, but you'll eventually get back round to the gauge sweep. Your car may differ these in different order!

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