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Ford Model T - Great Cars

From the PBS series Great Cars. In the summer of 2003, thousands of people made a pilgrimage to Dearborn, Michigan to celebrate the 100th birthday of the Ford Motor Company. It was a remarkable five-day event that demonstrated the impact this company has had on the world. The Ford fans had a chance to see the world's largest display of current and historic cars that made it famous around the world. Cars like Mustangs, Lincolns and Thunderbirds delighted the attendees but one car stood out above the rest --- The Model T. Launched in 1908, she was quite a gal. Her name was "Lizzie" and she helped unite people from near and far. The "Tin Lizzie," or Model T, made her family famous-- the Fords. "Lizzie" only went 40 miles per hour. While she wasn't quick or even very pretty, she was inexpensive. For the first time, the working-man could afford a car and The Model T put the world on wheels. It's a remarkable story of luck, pluck and desire. More at

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