Video - Ford Model T Assembly Line (1919)

Videa Ford T Ford Model T Assembly Line (1919)

Ford Model T Assembly Line (1919)

Opens with shields and running boards being positioned and secured, followed by views of Highland Park workers on the assembly line assembling the Ford Model T. Includes crane lowering chassis to body, securing the fenders, installing the radiator, placing the hood, installing and filling the gas tank, assembling the dash, and attaching wheels and tires. Close-ups of engine, transmission, starting button, and generator. In closing, a Model T is driven on a deeply rutted road. Unique Number: THF_HFS_V.200.FC.2608

Ford Motor Company, Highland Park Plant, assembly line, Model T, automobile, testing, roads, shield, running board, chassis, fender, radiator, hood, gas tank, dash, wheels, tires, engine, transmission, starting button, generator, 1919



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