Video - Ford Model 'A' Engraved Gearshift Knob

Videa Ford T Ford Model 'A' Engraved Gearshift Knob

Ford Model 'A' Engraved Gearshift Knob

NO LONGER OFFERED FOR SALE - NOT ENOUGH INTEREST SHOWN I worked trying to get a gearshift knob engraved on/off for nearly 2 years. Various trophy shops couldn't (or wouldn't) get it done. The knob manufacturers could do it with a hot stamp but I had to order 1000 pieces. Right! Finally, I found someone with a laser-engraving machine willing to work with me. Messed up a couple experimenting with the process but they turned out nice. Laser engraved paint filled gearshift knob for model 'A' Fords. Same gearshift knob as sold by Snyder's P/N A-7213 1928-1936 5/16-24 threaded brass insert.

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