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Ford KA Review, Evans Halshaw

The new Ford KA is doing its bit to add a bit of personality and Cheekyness to the Ford range. The refreshed KA still carries some of its predecessors DNA including its compact shape. However there is now a range of four models including the Studio, Style, Style + and Zetec to choose from. This funky little car is based on the principles of the Fiat 500 and is definitely giving its competition a run for its money, compact, nippy and stylish it can only be described as the perfect city car. This fun loving car has as much personality on the inside as it does on the exterior with i-pod connectivity as standard and a high centre console, this spacious interior makes the drive as comfortable as possible. There is also the opportunity to choose from individual tailored packs to add even more personality to this compact car. Including The Grand Prix model which includes a striped bonnet, body stripes, unique fabric design and colour coded interior, The Tattoo pack which includes tattoo emblem on the roof and enhanced interior with embossed seats and pearl white detail and The Digital pack which includes Lime paintwork on both the interior and exterior. This all rounder ticks most of the boxes while adding a splash of personality. For more information on this car visit

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