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Ford Hands Free Liftgate

Kick and "Open Sesame" Liftgate for Both The Upcoming CMAX And Escape! Wayne Gerdes - - Nov. 2, 2011 Remember the Ford C-MAX write-up earlier this year that will offer not only SYNC, MyFord Touch and HD Radio but also the industry-exclusive hands-free liftgate? (You Wanted a 1.6L Ford EcoBoost, You Got It! In the C-MAX) What the hell is a hands free liftgate? It means when your arms are loaded with groceries, boxes, presents or whatever else you can imagine, and you have the keyless entry/hands free liftgate option, you lightly kick the rear bumper with your shoe, boot, sandal or whatever and the liftgate "magically" and automatically opens. I saw it in action at the Ford Preview just prior to the 2011 NAIAS and it worked fantastic!

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