Video - Ford Focus RS Acceleration Sound!! - 1080p HD

Videa Ford RS Ford Focus RS Acceleration Sound!! - 1080p HD

Ford Focus RS Acceleration Sound!! - 1080p HD

This time another exotic car at the gas station at the Nurburgring in Germany. In this video you see an orange Porsche 997 GT3 RS and the lovely sounding Ford Focus RS! A few months ago I have driven a Focus RS, and everytime I see one, I really miss it! It is such a nice car! Thanks for watching and please leave a comment! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The ''Jorrie2 shirts'' are now available! You can also buy nice shirts/vests/sweaters without Jorrie2 logo. If you order something you always support me and they are not expensive! Please visit ATTENTION Please subscribe or send a friend request to my second channel! Channel: Recently uploaded: 2011 Overview! The best moments of 2011! - English Subtitled! Thanks for your help/support! Please add me as a friend on Facebook and you will always be up to date! -

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