Video - Ford Focus Ignition Tumbler Tutorial

Videa Ford Focus Ford Focus Ignition Tumbler Tutorial

Ford Focus Ignition Tumbler Tutorial

This is a video tutorial for replacing a key or ignition tumbler in a Ford Focus 2003. This is a common problem, that the key will not turn (often at about 70k miles). It is inevitable on all Focuses from 2000-? The key doesn't turn and you have to hit the end of the key to get it to work. The Ford dealership charges $500 or more, a locksmith charges $150 or more, but this video shows you how you can fix it for $45 total. It is not too difficult for someone who has basic understanding of working with tools. Go here to purchase the tumbler shown in the video - . What you are looking for is an ignition cylinder made by Strattec, item number 707592. Let me know if you have questions.

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