Video - Ford Focus Electric Car - NYC Debut

Videa Ford Focus Ford Focus Electric Car - NYC Debut

Ford Focus Electric Car - NYC Debut catches the Electric Ford Focus launch event in New York City on January 7, 2011 at the historic Altman building. Ford's new electric car rolls out shortly after 10 This is the first part of the press event. A Q&A period on the Focus EV followed and will be posted if there's enough interest. In order of appearance: Nancy Gioia - Ford Director of Global Electrification, Bill Ford - Executive Chairman Ford Motor Company, Eric Keuhn, Chief Engineer, Ford Focus Electric. Apologies for the shaky spots. Shot handheld with a DVX100B on a snowy Friday. Took public transportation into the city and left the tripod at home. As always, it's an honor to bring this stuff to you. Enjoy!

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