Video - Ford Fiesta: This is Now - latest *HIGH RES* version

Videa Ford Fiesta Ford Fiesta: This is Now - latest *HIGH RES* version

Ford Fiesta: This is Now - latest *HIGH RES* version

This is the high res version of the new 60-second ad for the Ford Fiesta, which is the latest in the popular and acclaimed "This Is Now" campaign (which kicked off in September 2008). It runs on Sky channels and MTV in the UK throughout July and hits ITV in August. The commercial is already live in Italy, Portugal and Czech Republic, and will go to a further 12 markets across Europe (and Canada) in the next couple of months. Creative team was Andy Bird (art) and Sue Higgs (copy) with Camilla Herberstein as creative director. The spot was directed by Scott Lyon from Outsider films. The music is "The Mole Man" by Schwab. An accompanying print execution breaks in August, while the digital in-market assets are already live . And in a Ford first, Blue Hive has developed a Facebook hacking application (users can hack themselves into the action of the film from their Facebook albums) -- which you can use by clicking here:

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