Video - Ford Fiesta ST Video Shoot Adobe Premiere Pro Edit 1080p

Videa Ford Fiesta Ford Fiesta ST Video Shoot Adobe Premiere Pro Edit 1080p

Ford Fiesta ST Video Shoot Adobe Premiere Pro Edit 1080p

So after a major HDD failure, I decided to fresh install Windows and upgrade the Ram while I'm at it! Which meant I could finally get editing a video shoot of my friends Ford Fiesta ST. Not all the clips were used, but I'm extremely happy with how this turned out considering it was first go with the software. Lots more to learn with both Premiere Pro and After Effects so subscribe for more video shoots and other video edits! The whole video was taken with my Nikon D7000 + Nikon 35mm f/1.8 and the built in mic. Which brings me onto my next point, I need to invest in a proper external mic, any recommendations will be greatly received, just as long as it doesn't break the bank! Here is my photography page showing some photos of this car and my other work, not just automotive! Take a look and give it a "Like"! Any feedback on the photos would be great :) Full spec of the car: Rolling Road Printout at: 153bhp Power 198Nm Torque Standard ST wheels resprayed Candy Apple Green Green DMB Ford gel overlays and ST inlays Green decals Lowered on SPAX springs, 50mm Piper Exhaust System, from decat back K&N 57i induction kit Some interior bits sprayed candy apple green Fog rings, washer jets and towing eye sprayed candy apple green Plastics sprayed gloss black, including grills and smooth rear wiper conversion Rear diffuser and lower front grill colour coded Performance Blue HOD 7k headlights and LED sidelights LED interior and numberplate bulbs in blue Silver ...



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